Monday, November 16, 2009

Why is my dog losing hair?

I have an 8 year old, short red haired, miniature dachshund. Over the course of the last 5 months he has started losing hair. It started with hair loss on the end of his ears and has progressed to sports of hair loss over most of his body. Over the last few weeks I noticed spots of black hair appearing on his back which is now falling out. The tips of his ears are dry and there are small scabs on the tops of his ears. The bald spot skin is mildly scaly and there are patches of dark skin in some areas, including under his armpitts. He does not smell and is not itching. He is his same old happy self! I have been researching dog skin problems and read somewhere that problems can be caused by allergic reactions. Looking back....I think that there maybe be a chance that this started around about the time we got hima woolen cover that he sleeps under. Do you think this may be causing his skin and hair problems? or could it be something worse?

Thanks for any heklp given.

Why is my dog losing hair?
If you think it could be the thing he sleeps on/over whatever, take that away ( to see i would recommend keeping it away for a month) To see if that is the problem. I would also Have the vet check him out as he may have medical problems causing this.

Whenever you bath him use an oatmeal natural shampoo as this will give moisture to the skin, which he needs if it is dry and flaky. I would also suggest a high quality natural food ( cheap foods can cause problems like this) My dog eats Orijen and LOVES IT he turns his nose up to anything else.

Other food that is good:

Solid Gold.

Barking AT the moon.

Innuva (good for the sensitive guys)

Wellness (although they recently changed formulas)



Timber wolf (my dog wont eat this, and it is very expensive at least were i live)

I would certainly check with the vet to make sure there's no medical problems. And change food, only after assuring no medical problems.
Reply:take him to a vet it could be a number of different problems.a flea allergy some kind of mange an allergic reaction to something?
Reply:I don't want to scare you, but it may be mights. Bring him to the vet.

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